S01E17 – Talk About The Good Times

29.10.08 | 2 Comments

Laura Cowen, Alan Pope, Dave Walker and Tony Whitmore present the seventeenth episode of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK Local Community Support Team.

In a break from our usual format, in this special episode from the “Creative Pro Expo featuring Mac Live Expo and Linux Live Expo” (yes, that honestly is the real name of the event!) we have:-
  • An enlightening discourse about content management with Ryan Ozimek from the Joomla! CMS project
  • An expansive interview with Simon Riggs from the PostgreSQL database project
  • An enabling discussion with Tarus Balog from the OpenNMS network monitoring project
  • An entertaining conversation with Phil Hands from the Debian project – a little known Linux distribution some of you may have heard of
  • We also announce the winner of the competition. There’s no competition in this episode, because with the upcoming release of Ubuntu 8.10 – we’re ALL winners!

As these segments were recorded during the Expo there is some inevitable background noise. We should be back to the quiet echo of Tony’s living room in the next episode!

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