S07E10 – The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion

06.06.14 | 1 Comment

We’re back with Season Seven, Episode Ten of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Tony Whitmore, and Laura Cowen are drinking tea and eating very rich chocolate cake (like this one, only more chocolatey) in Studio L.

In this week’s show:

  • We interview Martin Wimpress from the MATE desktop team.
    • If you want to know the memory requirements of the many different desktop environments, see his blog.
    • Also, he is a maintainer of the MATE LiveCD.
  • We also discuss:
    • Beards. Again.
    • Secret projects that can’t be talked about.
    • Getting even closer to sending Tony up a mountain in Malawi.
    • Going on an Ubuntu Sprint to Malta.
    • Moving web and email hosting to Clook, a Northern hosting service.
  • We share some Gooey Lurve from Mark:
    “Undo Closed Tab” in Firefox
  • And we read your feedback – thanks for sending it in!

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