S05E22 – A Final Reckoning

19.12.12 | 4 Comments

Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Tony Whitmore, Laura Cowen, and podcats are drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies with homemade brandy butter in Studio A for the twenty-second and final episode of Season Five of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo Team!

In this week’s show:-

  • We recall our predictions for 2012 and decide whether we were right or wrong. We foolishly then decide to make some predictions for 2013.
  • And we perform the Annual UUPC Christmas Play!
  • We also chat about reading a book, getting a new laptop that hasn’t yet been installed with Ubuntu (but will be), waiting for a Nexus 4, and switching off adblock.
  • We play a preview of a forthcoming documentary about Tomorrow’s Technology Today. Thanks to Victoria Pritchard and Robin Catling – and, of course, the Herbert Maxwell Fosdyke Curmudgeon Memorial Sound Archive.
  • And we have your feedback (including, finally, two – yes two! – voicemails from listeners).

The following sound effects used in this year’s Christmas play are licensed under Creative Commons:

silde-up glissando crescendo bang.wav by Timbre
babycrying.mp3 by morgantj
rbh Applause 01 big.WAV by RHumphries
20061111Bucket1-FX2.wav by daveincamas
Scuba 1.mp3 by digifishmusic
Dialup.mp3 by Jlew
pwm5.wav by rossb
Rhino-04.wav by patchen
pop.aif by eklee
French Champagne.wav by Puniho
wind.wav by ERH
BreathOfDeath.aif by gabemiller74
3D Magic Wand tinkle_16bit.wav by Timbre
preparing_salad_in_kitchen.mp3 by reinsamba
Paper.wav by stijn
doorbell2.wav by guitarguy1985
knocks on wood door.aiff by mwmarsh
Typing2.MP3 by tobi123
dorm door opening.wav by pagancow
walkinginsnow.aif by Spandau
Footsteps on Tiles.wav by RutgerMuller
door slam.wav by ttiimm54

And that’s it for the year. It’s time for a break. We’ll let you know if and when we’ll be back when we’ve been for our annual pre-season curry.
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