S05E02 – Raspberry Jam

14.03.12 | 4 Comments

Mark Johnson, Tony Whitmore, Alan Pope, and Laura Cowen are back for the second episode of the new season of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo Team!

Note: We’re no longer providing ‘low-fi’ Ogg and MP3 versions of the show. To reduce our workload, disk space and sanity the show is now only available in high quality MP3 and Ogg format for your listening pleasure.

In this week’s show:-

    • We talk about about what we’ve been doing: Upgrading Mumbuntu and the kids’ netbooks to 12.04, retuning MythTV, trying Pinterest, fixing a broken server, going to London Green Hackathon, improving a personal cloud.
    • We get podcat interference with Alan’s headphone cable:

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