S02E14 – The Centre

30.09.09 | 4 Comments

Laura Cowen, Alan Pope, Tony Whitmore, Dave Walker and Ciemon Dunville are back again with cake-overload from ‘Studio B’, with plenty of content in store in the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK Local Community Support Team.

In this week’s show:-

    • What we’ve been doing this week including giving talks at ossbarcamp, freecycling, playing with Ubuntu Karmic and IPCop, and more packaging preparation for the upcoming Karmic release.
    • We interview Matthew Paul Thomas about Ubuntu App Center Software Store Software Library Software Manager Software Centre Center. Note: At the time of recording it was still called Software Store, but has now been renamed Software Center
    • In the News this week:-
    • We have the lean, mean upcoming-events machine:-
      • Ubuntu Global Jam – 2nd to 4th October 2009.
      • LUG Radio Live 2009 24th October, Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton.
      • There is a comedy gig for the benefit of Bletchley Park at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London on Tuesday 3rd November, with Richard Herring, Robert Llewellyn, Robin Ince and maybe Stephen Fry.
      • FOSDEM – 6th – 7th February 2010 – University Libre Brussels
    • We take another opportunity tell you all about OggCamp, a fantastic open culture event happening in Wolverhampton.
    • We talk to members of the Ubuntu-ie LoCo Team
    • We play a Just a Moment submission from Chris Jones – The Terminator (author) about LifeSaver. We’d love to hear your ‘Just A Moment’ on our voicemail! Details below. We used a buzzer effect in this segment from guitarguy1985 called buzzer.wav
    • Ciemon gets down with his bad command-line self and brings us yet more Command Line Luurve! This time, open connections and ports.
$ lsof -i 
$ watch -d "netstat -ntauple"

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