S02E01 – The Return

01.04.09 | 3 Comments

Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope, Tony Whitmore, Dave Walker and Producer Laura Cowen in a new episode of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK Local Community Support Team.

In this the first episode of the second season we return with a slightly changed format. We’re trying to reduce our workload by recording more ‘live’ and doing less editing and post processing. We’re hoping this won’t reduce the quality that you’ve come to know and love in our little podcast.

In addition we’ve opened channels of communication by taking comments via twitter and identi.ca whilst we record the show. We think this will improve the immediacy of the show and help people to get involved. Of course we welcome your feedback on these changes. Apologies in advance for grouping together all twitter and identica feedback as “twitter”. The relavent parties have been fired.
In this weeks show:-

  • A catch up with what the presenters have been doing whilst the podcast has been taking a break
  • Tony and Laura interview Scott James-Remnant from Canonical about some of his projects
  • A discussion about what’s coming up in Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)
  • The News
  • We announce some upcoming events:-
  • A new competition to win some Ubuntu goodies including an exclusive ‘Ubuntu Guru’ T-shirt, a copy of the great Ubuntu Kung-Fu book by Keir Thomas, stickers, an Ubuntu hat, bamboo lanyards, Google notebooks and anything else we can find! Email competition@ubuntu-uk.org with your answer before Monday 13th April.
  • And finally we cover your emails, tweets and dents since our last show.
    • Unfortunately we didn’t get time to play a track Syed Ali sent us composed of samples sent to him by Richard Stallman.
    • Aidan Delaney wrote to tell us about some projects his students at Brighton Uni are working on.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed to: podcast@ubuntu-uk.org
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