S01E01 – A little less conversation

11.03.08 | 16 Comments

Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope, Dave Walker and Tony Whitmore present the first episode of the Ubuntu UK Podcast.

This packed episode is full of:-
  • A brief intro to the podcast, some history of how it was conceived.
  • Discussion on Ubuntu’s Brainstorm site.
    • Introduction, discussion on why it’s there.
    • Talk about some of the top ideas
  • FOSDEM 2008 – Interviews with:-
    • Andrew Waffa, developer from the Bongo project
      • Bongo is the FOSS lightweight webmail and calendar client, Andrew tells Dave and Tony about how this exciting project has been progressing.
    • Becky Hogge of the Open Rights Group
    • Jan Claeys from the Belgian Ubuntu LoCo Team
      • Jan tells us where the Belgian LoCo team started and what they do to promote Ubuntu.
  • Pimp the Ubuntu Demo day

FOSDEM - Interview with Becky HoggeFOSDEM - Interview with Ubuntu-beFOSDEM - Andrew Wafaa from the Bongo Project

Comments and suggestions are welcomed to: podcast@ubuntu-uk.org


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